The Bachelor's degree in Geology / Earth Sciences in Bern offers a broad basis for specializing in exciting subject areas later on in the Master's degree.

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Informationsbroschülre Geologiestudium
Informationsbroschüre Geologiestudium

Geology students at the University of Bern can look forward to a varied and exciting course of study in a pleasant, personal atmosphere. Not only nature freaks will find answers to the reasons for impressive natural spectacles. Those who like to solve problems analytically are also in the right place here. Hardly any other degree course offers such a broad spectrum of possible applications. Geologists have a very comprehensive knowledge of the natural sciences. They can observe and analyze phenomena and develop solutions to problems. The course is correspondingly diverse. Lectures, internships, seminars, excursions and field courses impart the necessary knowledge and skills.

Links to Sustainable Development in teaching in Geology

At the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, the Institute of Geological Sciences directly incorporates the topic of sustainable development into teaching, through courses on the interlinked nature of the Earth’s systems and climate history, on waste materials and the circular economy, on CO2 storage, and on other contemporary and cross-cutting environmental issues.

In one field course, for example, students examine climate change and its impacts on the environment. From Bachelor’s to Doctoral level, students have the opportunity to conduct research on topics such as nuclear waste storage, reuse and disposal of municipal solid wastes, CO2 removal and storage, natural H2 exploration, microplastic pollution, and paleoclimate. The next generation of Earth scientists is thus supported to better incorporate sustainability considerations into their future careers.