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Opening hours Secretary Office

Monday - Friday:
Morning: 8.30 - 10.15 am, 10.45 - 12.00 am
Afternoon: 2.00 - 4.00 pm
(Friday afternoon closed)


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Stephan Brechbühl, Nadine Lötscher und Thomas Aebi

Function: Production of all kinds of preparations for geological and mineralogical analysis; thin sections, polished sections and special preparations for EMS, SEM, etc.

Mechanische Werkstätten

Thomas Siegenthaler

Function: Planning, manufacturing and maintenance of equipment and components for research in earth science projects.


Ulrich Linden und Andrey Martynov

Function: Planning, maintenance and expansion of the IT infrastructure of the Institute of Geological Sciences.


The central services primarily carry out tasks for the Institute of Geological Sciences. Thereby, all larger orders are gathered via forms and, where necessary, in direct consultation with the "customers".

As far as possible, the central services can also accept orders from outside the Institute. This requires in any case a written order in advance. This must be sent to the Secretary's Office of the Institute.