Diversity - Equity - Inclusion working group (DEI)

The DEI group is interested and dedicated to raise awareness on the benefits that diversity, equity and inclusion bring for scientific advancement, especially within our geosciences community.

We want students and scientists from all backgrounds to feel welcome, empowered, and capable of succeeding in their academic career.

We foster gender equity among undergraduate students with the aim of enlarging their choice of study fields and overcoming horizontal gender segregation.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a matter for all!

For any information, comments, ideas or suggestions, contact: dei@geo.unibe.ch 

Every IfG member is welcome to join the group.

Send a request to subscribe the mailing list to: dei@geo.unibe.ch 


Get some insights in diversity and equity in the geosciences (EGU Publication, Volume 53, 2020)

The initiative "better science" calls for a rethinking in academia towards more sustainability, diversity and equal opportunities. Do you want to know more?

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