Analytical Facilities

  • Rock sample preparation facilities at the Institute: Selfrag, mineral separation facilities (e.g., heavy liquid and magnetic separation), microsampler.
  • PicoTrace Cleanroom (Class <10 flow hoods, sample digestion, chromatographic separation).
  • Multiwave 7000 high pressure microwave digestion system. 
  • TIMS (Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer – Triton Plus), equipped with 9 Faraday cups and 1 SEM/CDDs.
    Amplifiers available: 6x 1011, 4x 1012 Ohm
  • MC-ICP-MS (Multi-collector Induced Couple Plasma Mass Spectrometer – Neptune).
    Amplifiers available: 7x 1011, 2x 1012, 1x 1013 Ohm

We are open to inter-disciplinary projects and collaborations with researchers at the University of Bern, in Switzerland, and internationally. For further details, incl analytical costs, please contact Martin Wille ( and Suzette Timmerman (