Laboratories and Tools


  • Core-scanning facilities: (MSCL core-scanner, XRF core-scanner, CT-scanner (with partners at UniBE Forensic Sciences), color-spectroscopy scanner (with partners at UniBE Geography)
  • Geotechnical methods of engineering geology (at Geozentrum Burgdorf)
  • Geochemistry (organic carbon, inorganic carbon, nitrogen, sulphur)
  • Luminescence dating
  • Age determination using cosmogenic nuclides
  • Ion chromatography
  • FTIR-Spectrometer (high-resolution biogenic silica, organic carbon, inorganic carbon)

Field equipment

Geophysical survey tools for lake and ocean research campaigns

  • 3.5 kHz reflection seismic system with digital acqusition
  • Dual-frequency digital side-scan sonar
  • Multibeam bathymetric device Simrad Kongsberg EM2040

and through the Swiss Limnogeologic Euipment Pool (UniBE, UniGE, ETH, Eawag)

  • Various short-coring devices (gravity and percussion corers)
  • Uwitec percussion coring system with platform (Plant Sciences UniBE, ETH Zurich)
  • Kullenberg coring system with Uwitec XXL platform (ETH Zurich)
  • Airgun reflection seismic survey system with multi- and single-channel streamer (University of Geneva)

We use IHS Kingdom Suite software to interpret our reflection seismic data: For more infos: