Rock–Water Interaction

Rock-Water Interaction
The double arrow symbolizes our research field: the exchange of matter and heat between rock and water

Our team investigates the causes and consequences of chemical and thermal reactions between rocks and fluids (deep groundwaters and gases) in the Earth's Lithosphere. This includes processes at µm to km scales in the geological past, in the present and even in the future (see here for an introduction for "Beginners").

Fundamental Research: We investigate major processes of rock–water interaction in aquifers and aquitards, in the oceanic crust and in subduction zones. To support this and our applied research, we study the thermodynamic properties of geo-fluids and develop methods to analyze fluids trapped in rock pores, including fluid inclusions in minerals. We conduct numerical simulations of rock–water interaction in various geological settings and we calibrate our models by experiments, both in the laboratory and in underground research facilities.

Applied Research: We apply our methods and findings to environmental problems (deep geological disposal of radioactive waste, groundwater pollution, storage of anthropogenic CO2) and to geo-resource issues (genesis of metal deposits, geothermal energy), in collaboration with industry and research partners.

Education: We help teach the undergraduate degrees in Earth Sciences, focusing at the Master level on Environmental & Resource Geochemistry, and we offer PhD Degrees on the above topics of fundamental and applied research.