Links to Sustainable Development in research

Geological sciences includes the study of the processes that shape the Earth, from its formation to the present. Geology and sustainable development are closely linked, as geological knowledge serves as the basis for predictions about the future development of the earth, the development of resources and the safe remediation of contaminated sites and storage of waste. Many of the urgent social, economic, and environmental challenges we face today require input from the geological sciences. 

Researchers at the University of Bern’s Institute of Geological Sciences conduct fundamental and applied research on a variety of topics related to sustainability, such as the evolution of Earth’s past climate, climate change mitigation strategies, renewable energy resources, secondary resources, and secure hazardous waste storage.

Students gain exposure to Sustainability issues both in research and course work, for example with courses covering the interlinked nature of the Earth’s systems and climate history, waste materials and the circular economy, CO2 removal, and on other contemporary and cross-cutting environmental issues. 

Through our research and teaching practices we hope to empower the next generation of Earth scientists to better incorporate sustainability considerations into their future careers.