Life at the University requires independent and creative thinking as well as proper referencing of intellectual property (statements/ideas) of others.

The University of Bern is extremely restrictive in regards of plagiarism and has distinct regulations for any infringement in this matter:

Guidelines of the University Board of Directors concerning the procedure for dealing with plagiarism from 03.07.2012 

Factsheet concerning plagiarism from June 2012

Law compilation


Counteracting these rules will result in the following procedure:

  1. Proof of plagiarism by the lecturers.
  2. Bilateral interview with the student being accused to have conducted plagiarism.
  3. Grading of the exam with 1.0.
  4. Storage of the case of plagiarism in the archive.
  5. Information of all lecturers about the case.
  6. In the case of repeated plagiarism this might result in the exemption of the respective person from our study program.