Tectonics / Structural Geology

Forschungsgruppe Tektonik, Institut für Geologie, Universität Bern

Tectonics as a discipline deals with the deformation of the Earth (and other planets) ranging from the atomic scale up to the movement of continents. Subgroups are structural geology and rock mechanics.

Structural geology treats with deformation structures/microstructures while rock mechanics links rock strengths with flow stresses and deformation mechanisms. Rock mechanics is closely related to materials science.

Research in a nutshell
Research in a nutshell

These disciplines are necessary to gain a profound knowledge on plate tectonics and its origin in the Earth’s interior, on mountain building processes as well as the evolution of oceans. Associated structures are not only of scientific importance but are also highly relevant for different aspects of our society as there are exploration of resources (oil, gas, ores), renewably energies (geothermic) and natural hazards (earthquakes, tsunamis, rock slides and falls). With our teaching and research projects we are active in all these fields.

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