3D Studio

The 3D studio is equipped with 4 powerful personal computer, which enable to run different software to evaluate 3D structures from nanometer to the km scale. Input data reach from photogrammetry, field data and computer tomography data. The computers run on Microsoft Windows 7 and 10.

In the field segment, we integrate tablet mapping as well as available geological maps with 3D modeling of structural and lithological planes in different areas of the world (e.g., European Alps, Oman).

3D Structural Modelling

MOVE-suite® (including 2D Kinematic Modelling, 3D Kinematic Modelling, Geomechanical Modelling, Fracture Modelling, Fault Response Modelling, Fault Analysis, Stress Analysis)

Petroleum Experts provided educational licenses for their MOVE-suite®. The value of this generous donation is
£ 1’872’218.26. 


are done with ShapeMatriX 3D from the company 3GSM:

Equipped with Nikon D500 camera and 3 calibrated objectives. These are used for structural data, natural hazard mapping, …


Data from different computertomographs data are estimated with

Computer tomography are applied for 3D porosity estimates, crack evolution in 3D.
In addition, different shareware-software are available: ImageJ-Fiji, Mango