Laboratory of Atomic Force Microscopy

The Cypher ES Asylum (Oxford Instruments) at the Institute of Geological Sciences (University of Bern) is a state-of-art device for the characterization of materials. The versatility of this instrument allows determining textural, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of the samples. In addition to conventional measurements in air, our instrument is equipped with a fluid cell that allows flowing solutions on the sample during the analysis: in situ observation of many reactions become possible with our device.

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From manufacturer: Asylum Research

Cypher ES Asylum

Application highlights:

  • Putnis C.V. and Ruiz-Agudo E., 2013, The Mineral-Water Interface: Where Minerals React with the Environment, Elements, 9, 177-182.

  • Giordani M., Cametti G., Di Lorenzo F. and Churakov S.V., 2019, Real-Time Observation of Fibrous Zeolites Reactivity in Contact with Simulated Lung Fluids (SLFs) Obtained by Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Minerals, 9(2), 83-105.