Laboratory of Crystallography

Single Crystal X-ray diffractometers

The laboratory of Crystallography is currently supplied with two Single Crystal X-ray diffractometers:

Bruker ApexII SMART

The Bruker ApexII SMART is a fixed chi-stage diffractometer equipped with traditional graphite monochromatized Mo Ka radiation and APEX II CCD area detector. The diffractometer is also equipped with an open N2-blower constructed in house by Vladimir Malogajski (group of Thomas Armbruster), able to reach 800 K. This quite unique set-up allows to perform in situ high temperature measurements without limiting the resolution of the data collection.

Synergy-S, Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

The new Synergy-S, Rigaku Oxford Diffraction is a state-of-art diffractometer equipped with double micro-focus sources (Cu Ka and Ag Ka radiation) and Hypix detector. The highest brilliance of Cu source and the highest resolution of Ag ones allow to optimize the measurement conditions for the system of interest. Moreover, an Oxford-cryosystem 700+ (90-523 K) is also mounted on the machine.

Further instrumentation

Further instrumentation includes a stereoscopic microscope and the Keyence VHX 500FD, a microscope working with a movable digital camera and objectives lenses 20x200


For further information on the instruments, applications and training please contact:

  1. Dr. Georgia Cametti (Email:
  2. Prof. Sergey V. Churakov (Email:

Application highlights:

  • Georgia Cametti, Thomas Armbruster, Jorg Hermann, Sergey Churakov (2017) Crystal structure and phase transition in noelbensonite: a multi-methodological study. Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 44, Issue 7, pp.485-496.
  • Georgia Cametti, Martin Fisch, Thomas Armbruster (2017) Thermal behavior of stilbite and stellerite revisited and dehydration of their Na-exchanged forms: considerations on the memory effect of the STI framework type. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 253 239-250.