Interested in the Master program?

The website of the Master of Science in Earth Sciences of the Universities of Bern and Fribourg can be found here:

There you will find all information about deadlines, courses and specialization fields.

Do you have questions about the study program?
Please contact the study coordination

KSL/CTS registration for fall semester starts at 1st June.

Daten werden geladen...
Daten werden geladen...

Soft Skills I

Paper (0.75 EC) and poster (0.75 EC)

Poster presentation usually takes place at the beginning of the 4th semester (March).
Information by Regula Gesemann in December.

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Soft Skills II

2 mastertalks + 30 course attendance certificates of seminars (1.5 EC)

1st Talk: In collaboration with the advisor of the work (the advisor says when you are ready). Will be held in the forums or seminars.

2nd Talk: In the context of the final MSc Talk (June / December), organized by Naki Akçar. There will be a call for registration.

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Once you have met the specific requirements for the degree, you can register for the completion of the degree with the Dean's Office. You will find more information on the degree completion process here.

Please make sure to request the graduation in KSL and afterwards inform the team coordination of studies via e-mail as well.

Also make sure that a copy of your master’s thesis has been/is being sent to the secretary’s office (PDF) at that time, so that it can be stored in the Institute’s collection.