Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Sedimentary Geochemistry research group is committed to fostering an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We recognize that a diverse and inclusive research environment leads to innovation, creativity, and a better understanding of processes that shape our planet. We seek to recruit, retain, and advance members from different racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual identities, as well as those from different socioeconomic backgrounds and with different abilities. We are dedicated to honoring and engaging with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences in our research, our teaching, and our work. We believe that a variety of perspectives and backgrounds creates a richer and more meaningful research experience. In order to promote diversity and inclusion, we actively seek out individuals from different backgrounds for recruitment and support professional development opportunities for all our members. We strive to make our research group a safe and welcoming space for everyone. 

Here you find additional information about the Diversity - Equity - Inclusion working group (DEI) of the institute.