The Sedimentary Geochemistry research group employs an analytically diverse approach that primarily targets Cenozoic sedimentary records to provide concrete narratives of past climates and environments. Past and current research endeavors involve diverse themes, including the reconstruction of past changes in climate dynamics, landscape evolution, biogeochemical cycles, and basin development. Furthermore, the group addresses impacts of these changes on biological evolution as well as biotic and abiotic factors that control postdepositional sediment alteration. Our research approach is motivated by the idea that extracting information from sedimentary archives requires a comprehensive understanding of the spatial and temporal dimensions and drivers (climate, tectonics, humans, etc.) controlling sediment production, transport, burial, and postdepositional alteration. For this, we design research projects using a holistic approach that starts with understanding the catchment dynamics, physics, and chemistry of the investigated lake and ocean basins, collecting ideal samples in the field, followed by basic sedimentological and petrophysical analysis and, depending on the particular scientific question to be answered, more sophisticated sedimentological, inorganic, organic and isotope geochemical techniques.

For many years the group is closely involved in major multinational and interdisciplinary research projects under the umbrella of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP). Currently, the group co-coordinates two active ICDP drilling programs with drilling sites in Indonesia (Towuti Drilling Project, Lake Towuti, Sulawesi) and on the Tibetan Plateau (NamCore, Lake Nam Co, China), while also continuing and developing new scientific drilling programs.

Lake Towuti
ICDP’s deep lake drilling system (DLDS) in operation on Lake Towuti, Sulawesi, Indonesia, June 2015: 150 m water depth, maximum sediment penetration 175 m- and down to bedrock.

Further Research

  • SCOPSCO: Scientific Collaboration On Past Speciation Conditions in Lake Ohrid (Albania/Macedonia)

  • TOWUTI: Paleoenvironments, Biological Evolution, and Geomicrobiology of the Ultramafic, Tropical Pacific Lake Towuti, Indonesia

  • PALTO: Investigating Paleoenvironments and Paleoseismicity in the Abisko area, N-Sweden using sedimentary records from Torneträsk